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Finding Healing

Stuart Briscoe

Have you ever inwardly questioned why God miraculously heals some people while others are not —why He answers some prayers while others seem to go unheard?

These questions perplex and test us, and what we believe or perceive the answers to be can color how we view God. We’ll never fully understand God’s plan for healing, but the Bible gives us insight into the topic through the healing miracles Jesus performed.

Why did Jesus heal, and can we expect Him to perform healing miracles yet today? Should you expect Him to heal you? Are there special instructions for how to pray for healing?

In the series, Finding Healing, Stuart Briscoe examines Scripture to help you find answers to your questions and further your understanding of God’s healing power.

Messages From This Series:

We’re hungry for spectacular healing in our lives—for God to take away our infirmities in a moment’s work.

For 38 years the crippled man lay on his filthy mat near the pool of Bethesda hoping to be healed when the water stirred. Jesus sought him out and asked him, “Do you want to get well?” On the surface, this might seem like an odd question, but maybe Jesus was getting at something richly profound.

In this message taught from John 5:1-15, Stuart Briscoe discusses how when Jesus performs a spectacular healing miracle, he heals so much more than just our bodies.

Scripture: John 5:1-5:15

There are many instances in Scripture where Jesus cured the sick—physically and spiritually. Can we expect that same kind of healing? Why are some people healed while others are not?

These are important questions worthy of study, but another question that is equally important to ask is: why did Jesus perform miracles in the first place? Too often we have an inaccurate understanding of why Jesus heals. We’re so desperate with our self-interests that we miss the point of his healings—the true significance.

In this message by Stuart Briscoe, we learn what Jesus was trying to illustrate with miracle healings and discover the hope we have in overcoming our troubles and ailments.

Faith means to believe with expectancy, but it also means to rest and trust. When we pray for healing, we’re not always certain of what God’s will is, but we can come before him with an attitude of rest and trust.

In this message Stuart Briscoe teaches from James 5:13-18 to help us understand why prayer for the sick is important, why we should pray, and what we can expect from God in answering our prayers. You’ll come away with a greater understanding about the decisive factors that make prayer work.

Scripture: James 5:13-5:18

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