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Faith Enough to Finish

Jill Briscoe

When life isn’t perfect it’s easy for people to confuse the events of life with the absence of God. We cry out, “Why?” to God instead of asking Him to strengthen us to endure tough times. The Christian life is a moment-by-moment walk with a moment-by-moment God. And if we don’t have enough faith to finish our walk, we’ll never notice the moments when He draws near and holds our hand through every circumstance.

Do you trust Him? Can you give thanks in all circumstances? Are you willing to be chiseled by God into His disciple?

In this series by Jill Briscoe, she teaches from the experiences of Jeremiah to show you how to remain strong in your faith, not just during the good times, but even when things are falling apart.

Messages From This Series:

Trying to walk in faith is a day-by-day lesson in leaning on God. It’s figuring out moment-by-moment what a Christian life looks like—and it’s not easy. 

Jeremiah had to learn how to have faith like this when he was in the pit, when he was fighting despair and doubt. During this time, God was teaching Jeremiah to put his mind on Him, instead of on the troubles of life. 

Jeremiah’s testimony of learning faith morning by morning is a great lesson for us in pursuing faith, even in doubts and trials.

Scripture: Lamentations 3:19-3:33

Do you ever find yourself running away from God’s plans because you feel inadequate? Jeremiah felt inadequate when God called him to be a prophet. But God spoke a promise to Jeremiah saying, “My plan will be in your life, My work will be in your hand, and My words will be in your mouth.” 

In this message, Jill teaches how to have the kind of faith that believes that God will enable and equip us to do everything He asks of us.

Scripture: Jeremiah 1:4-1:9, Jeremiah 26:1-26:2

What is God using to chisel you into the image of Christ? Will you lie still in His hand and let Him do it? 

For Jeremiah, God was using his ministry partner, Baruch, to chisel and hammer him into shape. Jeremiah, too, was chiseling Baruch. Without the encouragement of the other, neither would have had faith enough to finish when their ministry got difficult. 

In this message, Jill describes how we can learn to work with and celebrate the differences between us and the people in our lives.

Scripture: Jeremiah 36, Jeremiah 45

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