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Facing Jesus in Your Loneliness

Stuart and Jill Briscoe

When you’re facing loneliness, it’s almost all you can see. But when you turn and face God, you’ll discover all over again, that He’s true to His Word… and that He’s with you and will never forsake you. That means you can trust Him, knowing that He’s bigger than what you’re facing in your life today.

Stuart, Jill, and Pete Briscoe show you how to believe in and worship God in the midst of your isolation in this powerful series. Bringing the comfort you need through the promises of His Word, this series focuses you back on the powerful truth of who God is, and why you can trust Him to turn things around no matter what you’re facing. Because your God is everything He says He is! And you have His Word on that!

Messages From This Series:

Trying to walk in faith is a day-by-day lesson in leaning on God. It's figuring out moment-by-moment what a Christian life looks like—and it's not easy. 

Jeremiah had to learn how to have faith like this when he was in the pit, when he was fighting despair and doubt. During this time, God was teaching Jeremiah to put his mind on Him, instead of on the troubles of life. 

Jeremiah's testimony of learning faith morning by morning is a great lesson for us in pursuing faith, even in doubts and trials.

Scripture: Lamentations 3:19-3:33

The Psalmist openly admits that in his heart he is experiencing "intense inner turmoil." He is feeling lonely, pressured and concerned. So he turns his thoughts to the Lord, refreshing his mind and laying his concerns out in prayer.

Scripture: Psalm 25

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