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Experiencing God

Charles Price

God reveals Himself experientially in Scripture, not just in series of propositions and statements about Himself but in people’s experience of Him.

In the series Experiencing God, Charles Price uses biblical examples of how God reveals His names and nature to people in their experiences of Him. We can learn so much from the study of those people about God’s purpose for each of us.

Messages From This Series:

What does it mean to be in union with Christ? In this message, guest speaker Charles Price looks at that question, and shows how embracing  our dependence on Christ—the way Jesus relied on God the Father—is the key to a liberated life. Thanking God, as Jesus did when He walked the earth, helps keep us connected to His life-changing power.

Scripture: John 14:10, John 15:4-15:5, Colossians 3:17

Just before Jesus ascended to heaven He had some final words for his disciples—words that were meant for us today, as well. He said to be faithful witnesses for Him in the world, promising that the Holy Spirit would provide the power needed to do so.

Scripture: Acts 1:8

Our love for God is rooted in the nature of God’s love for us. In this message, Charles Price looks at God’s common love for all people, His covenant love for His chosen people, and His centered love for the individual.

Scripture: Luke 15:11-15:32

The relationship of parents to their children is unique, but there are general principles that apply. Charles Price teaches on the nature of human parenting by examining the parenting of God as Father.

Scripture: Deuteronomy 4:9-4:10

The will of God is about His big plan, of which I may have a part. We find the personal will of God for our individual lives within the general will of God for all people.

Scripture: John 4:27-4:34

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