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End Times: What's Going On?

Stuart Briscoe

Are you interested in an eyewitness account of heaven and of things to come? Too often people shy away from the book of Revelation because it’s mysterious and certain parts are difficult to understand.

It’s true that Revelation is heavily packed with symbolic imagery. However, there is plenty in this prophetic book you can be sure of—beginning with the fact that the struggle between good and evil is nothing new but will eventually be judged. And you can stand firm knowing God is working out His cosmic plan and is the ultimate authority over all.

In his series, Stuart Briscoe encourages you to dive in to the book of Revelation to unravel the apostle John’s account of the heavenly realm and future happenings. He explains how to read Revelation, the key truths it contains, and how the words of Revelation can strengthen your faith.

Messages From This Series:

As we approach Revelation, we should bear three things in mind: It is Apocalypse, a unique literary genre that requires careful study; it is a prophecy which deals with proclamation and prediction; and a letter, which handles pastoral concerns.

Scripture: Revelation 1:1-1:20

In John's vision, Jesus dictates letters to the churches that are relevant for all ages. He shares insights regarding their church life, including warnings, instructions, and promises.

Scripture: Revelation 2:1-3:22

Having seen Christ active in the life of the church, John now has another vision in which he sees Christ at home in heaven. Both visions need to be seen in perspective.

Scripture: Revelation 4:1-5:14

Before the scroll outlining God's plan could be opened, the seven seals had to be broken, outlining what must happen before the plan is consummated.

Scripture: Revelation 6:1-11:19

John records various visions that graphically explain why the churches are experiencing hostility, why the hostility will continue, and how it will ultimately be resolved.

Scripture: Revelation 12:1-14:20

In his visions of the seals John saw the judgment of God at work in the affairs of mankind. In the trumpets he recognized how God in grace warns mankind of impending judgment. But in the plagues the judgment has finally come. It's the End.

Scripture: Revelation 15:1-19:10

On three occasions in his visions, John has seen the great climax of this world's history (the vision of the seals, trumpets, and bowls). But now he returns to the subject and reveals more details of the events constituting the end of the age.

Scripture: Revelation 19:11-20:15

Having explained the lake of fire destiny of those whose names are NOT written in the book of life, John's attention is now directed to what those whose names are recorded might expect in the coming age.

Scripture: Revelation 21:1-22:21

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