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Jill Briscoe

If God granted you one wish, what would it be? More money to ease worries about bills and retirement? A long life with good health? A man or woman who would love you forever and make you happy?

Thousands of years ago, God made this offer to Solomon, King David’s son, and he chose something interesting: he asked for wisdom. It seems like an odd request until you think of all the complicated situations and decisions you face each day. How wonderful it would be to have divine wisdom when you feel unsure or overwhelmed!

Jill teaches about the power of God’s wisdom in this series, based on the life of Solomon. What motivated Solomon to ask for wisdom when he could have had anything he wanted? And, is God’s wisdom available to us in the same way?

Messages From This Series:

We have to make a lot of choices every day… financial decisions, relational decisions, parenting decisions. From making a very small decision to dealing with what seems like an impossible situation, we often find ourselves looking for wisdom and striving to follow God's will. We're seeking to make wise choices. In this message, Jill looks at the life of Solomon to help us understand how we can develop wisdom.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Or how about when you feel you need wisdom? This happens a lot in our lives. We can get to a point where we think, "I'm only one person; I can't do this." Parenting is a great example. You may want to pull your hair out when your little kids won't behave. Or you find yourself worrying about making the right decision when your teenager asks if he or she can go to a party. In this message, Jill teaches us what we can do when we feel weighed down in our lives.

Scripture: 1 Kings 3

Runners are told to finish a race strong because it doesn't matter how they started the race, they can make up for it and finish at a good pace. The Christian walk is like that, and it's important for us to finish strong. Many of us start out on fire for Christ, but as time goes on, we slowly fall away from Him. This is exactly what happened to Solomon. In this message, Jill looks at Solomon's life, focusing on his sexual sin as a way of teaching us how we can resist the devil's promptings.

Most people think that our words come from our mouths, but actually they come from our hearts. So when we speak, we are telling people who we really are because it's coming from deep inside. Then what are we revealing when we gossip, nag, or swear? In this message, Jill discusses the hurt that can come from the tongue, how to fix it, and the glory we can bring God when we use our words to honor Him.

It's easy to get wrapped up in what the world says is important, but that worldly mindset is not what God expects from us. He wants our relationship with Him to come first, so that we can be a light in this dark world. When we put Him first and spend time in His Word, He will teach us how to keep our work, family, and relationships in proper perspective. In this message, Jill shows us how we can grow in wisdom and live daily in the spirit.

Think for a moment about how you spend the majority of your day—working, attending school, raising children, running errands… Now, how do you spend the time that remains? Have you set aside time for the Lord each day? In this message, Jill encourages us to be intentional in connecting with God in all that we do and to make each moment count for Him. 

When we are bogged down with feelings of inadequacy, or when we are burdened by expectations, it's a great time to pray. But sometimes it can be hard for us to know what to pray or even how to pray. In this message, Jill walks us through the Old Testament prayer process that was followed within the temple and compares it to New Testament times to help us understand the importance of prayer and learn how to deepen our prayer life.

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