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A Modern-Day Disciple

Stuart Briscoe

Jesus made it very clear that He was calling men and women to be His disciples, and that He expected these disciples to make other disciples. This series is focused on two critical areas of discipleship.

First, we learn about the disciple’s relationship to the world. A disciple is: “given out of,” “still in,” “not of,” and “sent into” the world.

Second, we look at the disciple’s relationship to the Word. Jesus’ disciples received the Word and acted upon it. As modern-day disciples, we respond to the same calling, using the same resource for distinctive living.

Messages From This Series:

Jesus placed great emphasis on the fact that He had delivered "God's Word" to the disciples. They received it, acted upon it, and lived in the good of it. Modern-day disciples need to appreciate the unique resource they, too, have in the Word.

Scripture: John 8:31-8:36, John 15:1, John 17:15-17:19

During His relatively brief public ministry, Jesus spent a disproportionate amount of time with a small group of disciples. In His final hours, He clarified why He had done so and what He planned for them. His words must resonate with modern-day disciples.

Scripture: John 17:6-17:19

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