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Ministry in India: Update from Stuart in 2016

Stuart recently traveled to India to speak at a national conference for pastors and leaders. Here’s a recap of his time there:

After a 15-hour flight, I arrived at my destination to find a room full of pastors ready to hear what I had to say. I started to teach Paul’s letter to Titus—which deals with evangelism, discipleship, church development, and leadership training which covers a lot of what these men and women are called to do. This is the view from the rooftop of this week’s “home away from home”:

The campus for this ministry is situated in a coconut grove carved out of the jungle where wild elephants, boar, and leopards roam! The three ladies standing with me in the photo below are missionaries from a tribal group in NE India to South India. They told me they came to the conference because they thought Jill would be there. Instead they got me… Tough!

The beautiful Indian girls in the photo below, officially called “children at risk,” have been welcomed (most in infancy) to the loving, generous care of brothers and sisters with whom I have worked over a number of years. These girls are trophies of grace. They showed me their art, sang me their songs, and spoke of the things they have learned. They touched me deeply.

As my week in India came to an end, it was goodbye and God bless to old friends, 50 beautiful children, dozens of pastoral couples, and acres of coconuts and forest covered mountains.