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Tom’s Story

In 1992, I found myself driving from Marquette, Michigan to my (then) home in suburban Chicago. As I was passing through Green Bay, Wisconsin, I remember tuning my car radio to find some music or something interesting to help me pass the time on my Sunday drive.

I came across a radio program featuring an English-accented man explaining Bible verses. I was intrigued by the explanations of what was being reviewed. I remember being delighted that the Bible actually made sense given the insight added by the man on the radio.

I wish I could remember now the exact passage he was discussing, but I was deeply impressed by how this man was able to explain what he felt God was trying to say to him, to me, and to everyone.

As I drove further south toward Chicago, I eventually lost the radio signal. I didn’t even know who I’d been listening to, but I knew I wanted to hear and learn more.

A short while later, my older brother invited me to attend his church in Brookfield, Wisconsin called Elmbrook Church. I had grown up in the 1960s and 70s in the Brookfield area, but I had never heard of Elmbrook Church.

I accepted his invitation, and, lo and behold, I recognized the pastor, Stuart Briscoe, as the same voice I had heard on the radio that day.

I was elated that I could not only hear more about the Bible, but I could buy tapes of past sermons and hear what I had missed. I thank Jesus for helping me find a personal relationship with Him and for using Telling the Truth, Stuart, and God’s Word to eventually help me decide to follow Christ. I still do!


*Photo of Tom

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