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Don’s Story

In 2007, my wife Kathy and I fell into a slow fade. We grew apart, and I had an affair. It was one of the most trying times in both our lives, individually and collectively. We quit going to church on a regular basis, and we were no longer involved with small groups or our accountability partners.

In addition to that, I got a job promotion and started traveling 50% of the time. Our kids left home, as both were of legal age. I met a woman at a health club and planned on a future there.

Kathy started getting wise counsel from some Christian women. When we met with a counselor, I saw such a significant change in her that I wanted to be a part of it. We went to counseling for several years. During that time, we both lost our jobs. I took a job in manufacturing, which was very intense. I actually sobbed at work some days, asking God to step in and take me out of there but to give me strength to be who He wanted me to be.

During that time, I had Christian radio on Monday through Friday, and I listened to Telling the Truth. It offered me the opportunity to renew my faith. I began to see the mission field around me, and I started to express my faith with others.

Kathy and I are closer today because of the Lord’s mercy and through listening to the Truth spoken by programs like Telling the Truth.


*Photo of Don and his wife Kathy

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