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Camille’s Story

I found Telling the Truth on the OnePlace app and absolutely love listening to Jill and her stories! I’m a 69 year old “Mimma” living in sunny Florida, and whenever I’m doing something that doesn’t require my full brain like walking, folding laundry, cooking, baking or just resting, I turn on one of Jill’s teachings!!

I so relate to her, and each time I listen I learn something that gets tucked inside my heart! ♥ I too found Christ at the same age as Jill and couldn’t imagine the woman I would be if I hadn’t given Him my life back then! I love to share Telling the Truth with friends and my ladies I mentor or teach at small groups!! May the Lord bless you a hundredfold for all you’ve invested into the hearts of so many!! In His Kingdom For His Glory.


*Photo of Camille

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