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Bethany’s Story

I live in Los Angeles, and every week I spend a minimum of nine hours in the car driving my children to their classes. The traffic is bad here but we’ve found a way to turn that around. We’ve been listening on the mobile app and on YouTube during the drives. The messages have brought so much life, peace, and wisdom to what would normally be a bit stressful commute.

My children love your voices and constantly tell me how much they love you all and to turn it up louder! Thank you for doing what you do. You have filled my soul with truth and wisdom, and you are filling the souls of my five children, too.

We have been praying for our elderly neighbor I met while hiking. We take him to the grocery store every week, and we take him out to museums and on hikes with us. Both the kids and I have been praying for his salvation for over five years. Your talks have encouraged us to keep at it, that the mission field is right where we are, and to keep giving all we have got for the Kingdom!

Thank you!


*Photo of Bethany and her family

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