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Benjamin’s Story

Many people have had different opinions regarding who I am or was. To most, I was what was wrong with the community. To many, I was worse than that. But that’s not who I was; I knew that was not how God saw me. But I couldn’t fully accept that, because to me, not being accepted or wanted by God’s people equated to a rejection by Him.

In 2005, after many years of allowing the devil to permeate every part of me, the life I knew came to an end. As I sat in the jail cell with the beginning of a horrible sickness and facing a lifetime of incarceration in a world that wanted nothing more than to see me pay, I was given a radio. I happened upon a Christian radio station and heard a man tell me that the world was wrong and that I was wrong. He told me that God was right and He had forgiven me and did not care what the people of this world had to say. This program was Telling the Truth, and the man was Stuart Briscoe.

As I’ve traveled a circuit of the worst prisons available, there have been two constants in my life: Jesus and Telling the Truth on the radio. Every time I lost my way and began to fall into prison life, Telling the Truth was there to show me who I really am and offer me hope of who I am and want to be.

Today, I can say that I am not the person that I was. Jesus has restored me to who I am truly meant to be. As I sit here with all the regrets of who I could have been and what I could have done, I’m still beyond grateful for what Jesus has done in my life, for the radio, and for that English-accented man telling me the truth. Thank you.


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