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Jill answers questions about comfort and prayer

Q: Jill, how do you seek your heavenly Father for comfort?

I find that when I’m in shock or trouble, my prayers can get sideways. So I get on my knees or sit quietly and focus my heart and mind on who He is, and not why I’ve rushed into His presence. I often read a Psalm or 2 Corinthians chapter 1, which talks about God being the Father who comforts us in all our troubles.

If I don’t know what to pray for, I invite the Holy Spirit to enable me to pray. Remember, you’re talking to your heavenly Father; you don’t need to be formal. Just like you’d talk to your earthly Father and say, “Oh, Daddy”—Jesus told us to go into our Father’s house and say, “Abba Father.” Tell Him your heart. Then spend some time afterwards in the Word looking for His answers to your prayer.

Q: How can prayer help me understand God’s will for my life?

Prayer is the waiting room where we’re waiting on God, and where God is waiting for us. Once there, we either argue—or submit by saying “Not my will but Thine.”

How do we determine God’s will? I believe the safest and best way is prayerfully reading the Bible. Let the Word bathe you like water, and ask the Lord to show you a truth that applies to your situation.


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