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I’m asking for your help

Years ago, a friend from England commented to me as he watched the crowds of people coming into the church where I was preaching. He said, “Isn’t it wonderful to see all these people coming in?” I said, “Yes, it is. But it’s more wonderful to see them going out!”

God has called you and me to “go out” and proclaim His Truth to our needy world, intent on being agents of His redemptive work. And that’s what you’re a part of when you give to Telling the Truth so that hundreds of thousands of people across the world will have the opportunity to come to know Christ and experience Life in Him.

You make it possible for Bible teaching to be heard on the radio and online by more than 1.2 million people, a number that has tripled in the past two years. Praise God!

And that’s just the number we can measure. Millions of listeners living in challenging circumstances across the Middle East and Southeast Asia are finding hope as they access our Bible teaching, thanks to you.

The hunger for God’s Word only continues to grow, particularly as the world spins from one crisis to the next. It’s exciting to be a part of proclaiming God’s Truth. He wants to redeem more lives through you and me, which leads me to an important request…

I’m asking you to join with us.

Your financial gift will help…

  • Reach more listeners worldwide who are searching for Truth
  • Disciple those living in challenging circumstances in the Middle East and Southeast Asia
  • Maximize social media to impact younger generations with the Gospel
  • Harness new technology to share God’s Word

We would be so grateful if you’d take a moment to give right now to continue helping people know Christ and experience Life in Him!

We’re so deeply grateful for your partnership.

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