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Holiness is an adventure

When I joined the military during the Korean War, I volunteered with the Royal Marines for no other reason than I liked the uniform and thought I would look pretty good in it. So when I arrived at the barracks to report for duty, I expected to be fitted for one of the magnificent uniforms. Instead, I was marched into a long hut along with a hundred other recruits where various garments were hurled at us by men who could gauge our measurements in one cursory glance.

That day I learned two things. One, I was a Marine; and two, I would only be given a “dress uniform” when I had gone through arduous training to teach me how to conduct myself like a Royal Marine. I had become, but I had to learn how to be. Status was one thing, but suitable behavior was an entirely different matter—a long learning curve stretched into the distance!

Now, surprising as it may be, there are similarities between joining the Marines and holiness in the Christian life. First of all, holiness is not what a lot of people think it is. Most define holiness as “sinlessness” or “perfection.” But primarily, holiness does not carry that meaning. The Bible talks about “holy ground” and “pots and pans” that are holy. But, of course, they do not have moral capabilities. They’re not sinless. They are holy because God has chosen to set them apart for His purposes!

This is a huge—and often neglected—subject in the modern church. Yet, it’s so important when it comes to how we as Christians conduct ourselves in our daily lives. While we may not be morally perfect, we can achieve a sort of holiness inasmuch as we’re set apart for God’s purposes.

The day you’re born again into the Kingdom of God, you become holy. Then you’ll spend your entire life taking on the adventure of moving toward being what you’ve already become.

So instead of focusing on moral perfection, live your life set apart, clinging fast to your holy status as a child of God and growing in moral holiness as you surrender more and more to the holy one living in you!