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A word from Stuart | What happened in Vegas

The suggestive ad utilized by the city of Las Vegas says, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” But what happened in Vegas cannot, must not, and will not stay in Vegas. The sad news has gone global and people around the world are shocked, angered, puzzled, horrified, and broken-hearted by what happened in a few insane, unspeakable moments of mass murder.

The alleged aggressor, driven by devilish impulses that we may never understand, armed with a veritable arsenal, resourced with ammunition, perpetrated his horrendous, premeditated attack with precise and clinical accuracy on people he did not know. And he left behind a trail of criminal carnage and his own lifeless body, presumably slain by his own hand.

What happened in Vegas that must not stay in Vegas is the recognition that in our world there are people who harbor resentments that have festered into bitter hatred and uncontrolled rage, who need the help of ordinary people who care and professional people who minister healing.

What happened and must be broadcast abroad is that many ordinary people showed remarkable courage and compassion under intense duress.

What happened in Vegas and should certainly not stay there is the fact that our nation has deep moral and spiritual problems that need to be addressed by God-fearing, people-loving, truth-speaking individuals who long to see love where there is hatred, peace where there is conflict, and healing where there is pain.