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A word from Stuart: The role of a grandparent

Today people live longer, stay healthier, and wear the badge of grandparent for many years!

During the past 30 years, I’ve been a grandfather to infants, adolescents, young adults, and the newly married. And I’ve had wonderful opportunities to bestow wisdom into the lives of my grandchildren.

Let me share with you some roles grandparents can play to help bring Life to their families:

  • Grandparents can be a powerhouse of prayer and source of stability when the family is shaken by difficulties.
  • Grandparents can soothe broken hearts, and encourage a burgeoning talent with positive words.
  • Grandparents can show acceptance to the marginalized, caution the reckless, advise the confused, offer direction to the wandering, support the floundering, and love the unlovely.

God gives grandparents the privilege of being character formers, relationship nurturers, peacemakers, vision casters, mistake correctors, and truth proclaimers!

Look at how the apostle Paul praised Timothy, saying, Your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice… now lives in you also (2 Timothy 1:5). Lois and Eunice’s faith helped set Timothy on the road to a life of Kingdom significance.

May God bless you in whatever role you’re playing to influence the young people around you.

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