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What does the Bible say about singleness?

A user on our mobile app shared,

I am a single Christian woman. For about 12 years now, I’ve been waiting for God to send me a husband. I did fall into fornication once 3 years ago for about 9 months. I ended it because I felt so shameful, and I felt that I was letting God down. I am so lonely. Church, studying, or prayer is not enough at this moment. I can’t bear being this lonely. I want someone to love me, laugh with me, talk to me. I am a mother, and throughout the week I care for my son and go to work. But on the weekend, when my son goes over to his father’s, it hits me hard, and I’m no longer able to block it out because I sit at home alone. I can’t bear this loneliness any longer. I’m trying to be patient, but my patience is running out. I see myself slipping.

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