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What Did Jesus Say About Humility?

Stuart Briscoe

We live in a culture of getting what we want when we want it. Language in advertising tells us that we “deserve” the best and we should get what we want. From trash-talk in the sports arena to commercials on television, self-promotion and self-aggrandizement are everywhere. With so many self-centered messages around us, what are we to do with humility? 

When Jesus was invited to dinner in a Pharisee’s home, he told two parables about people who were lacking in humility and what happened to them as a result of their arrogance.

In this message, Stuart teaches us what humility really is and challenges us stop listening to what our culture tells us and start listening to what God says.

Scripture: Luke 14:1-14:24

What Did Jesus Say About Humility?
  • What Did Jesus Say About Humility?

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