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Experiencing God’s Love on Life’s Journey

Stuart Briscoe

The driving force behind everything God does is love—His love for you.

That might be hard to believe at times, but the truth is that God, in His infinite love, foreknew, predestined, confirmed, called, justified, and glorified you!

And the ultimate display of His love is that your life journey will finish at a destination beyond your wildest dreams and vivid imagination—you will finish just like Jesus—glorified and with God in heaven.

Why would God orchestrate all of this for you?  In this message, Stuart Briscoe teaches from Romans to help you grasp the depth of His love so you can recognize and rest in it along life’s journey.

Scripture: Romans 5:9-5:10, Romans 8:28-8:30

Experiencing God’s Love on Life’s Journey
  • Experiencing God’s Love on Life’s Journey

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