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A Little Pot of Oil

Jill Briscoe

In 2 Kings 4, there's a story about a widow who has run out of options on how to pay her creditors. She's facing the real possibility that she will lose both of her young sons to slavery, as a means of paying her debt. This desperate woman is out of money, out of hope, and out of faith. She's angry at God for the situation she's facing with seemingly no way out. Have you ever felt that way? 

How do you find peace when your faith is completely out of focus? When the sheer weight of the moment has blinded you to the Holy Spirit at work on your behalf? Jill's message will remind you that God is sufficient. And you have all you need when you have all of Him in all you.

Scripture: 2 Kings 4:1-4:7

A Little Pot of Oil
  • A Little Pot of Oil

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