Relative values

We can choose our friends, even if we do not have a similar freedom of choice with our relatives.

Miracle at Meribah

People who speak rashly and react impulsively run the risk of, like Moses, missing out on God’s best!

God and authority

Rightly understood and appropriately applied, authority is divinely delegated for man’s good.

Between the living and the dead

The children of Israel dodged a major bullet, figuratively, when Korah and his rebel followers challenged the leadership of Moses and Aaron.

Power play

Ultimate authority resides with the Lord. So embrace what He grants you and avoid grasping for what isn’t yours!

Cosmonauts and astronauts

“The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race... He made their hearts, so he understands everything they do.”

Fan the flames

There’s a tendency among believers to place the heroes of the faith on pedestals that they, the heroes, would never have mounted.

A letter from Christ

The Corinthians were evidence of God’s gracious work—an entire congregation made of living letters written by Christ Himself!

Living a new life

In saying yes to Christ, the believer is also saying no to the sins for which Christ died.

Secret wisdom

Street smarts don’t work in the Ivy League, and classical thought is useless on city streets. But the secret wisdom of God is relevant in both places.

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