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Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come
  • Kingdom Come

Stuart Briscoe

Starting with Jesus’ own disciples, Christians everywhere have faithfully prayed “Thy kingdom come” for more than two centuries.

But what exactly are we praying when we welcome the reign and rule of King Jesus?

In this message, Stuart illustrates the eternal power and purposes of God in the coming of His kingdom—and how it happens in your heart each and every day.

Scripture: Matthew 4:12-4:17

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Sometimes we struggle to understand God’s will for our lives. Other times we understand His will, but we feel incapable of doing it. And sometimes we just plain overthink things and become paralyzed to move forward in certain areas of our lives.

We want to help you discover who God wants you to be and what He wants you to do by sending you Stuart and Jill’s 5-message series God’s Will for My Life.

This series is our thanks for your gift to help more people experience Life through the teaching and resources of Telling the Truth. So request your copy today, and thank you for your generous support!

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