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Faith Requires More than a Little Effort

Faith Requires More than a Little Effort
  • Faith Requires More than a Little Effort


Stuart Briscoe

The letter to the Hebrews, as is common with New Testament epistles, having dealt with many deep theological issues, is brought to a conclusion with many essential, practical instructions. A healthy reminder that faith is not just a matter of belief—it involves behavior, too.

Scripture: Hebrews 12:14-12:29

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Everyone experiences disappointments in life. And when things don’t go the way we expect or desire, discouragement can set in. But there’s a difference between encountering discouragement and living discouraged.

We want to help you win the battle against feelings of discouragement by sending you Stuart and Jill Briscoe’s 5-message series, Hope for the Disheartened. In it, Stuart and Jill show you how to anchor your hope in God and learn to rely on His strength and timing for your life.

Hope for the Disheartened comes as our thanks for your gift this month to help you and others also find encouragement in Christ. Thank you for your support!

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