Stop Marching, Start Dancing

Pete Briscoe

How do you see God? As a strict military drill instructor who expects you to march in sync to a set of "shoulds and should nots"? Or as a dance teacher who instructs and encourages you to keep your eyes on him even when you trip up? Be honest. If you're marching, you're going through the motions rather than embracing the journey God has for you.

God wants you to dance! To stop concentrating on the steps and, instead, focus on Him! With joyful abandon! Moved by the Spirit! With overflowing gratitude! Surrendered to whatever He has waiting for you!

Get ready to step away from the rigidness of religion and join Jesus on the dance floor.

This 3-message series, taught from the Book of Galatians is an excerpt from Pete Briscoe’s powerful 23-message series called Dance Lessons and has an accompanying 100-day devotional book.


Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Free to Dance

    Pete Briscoe

    Is Jesus your drill sergeant or your dance instructor? Are you marching along, trying to be "good enough," trying to keep in step with everyone else? Jesus is calling you out of the march and into a dance with Him—sometimes messy, sometimes uncoordinated, but always focused on Christ, moved by Life with Him.

    In this message, Pete invites us to stop marching, stop watching the dance from the sidelines, and start dancing with life and joy! 

    Scripture:  Galatians

  2. 2. You Already Have an A

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you remember cramming for tests in school, memorizing facts to ace an "A"? You probably also remember the stress and the pressure to get everything right. Too many believers are living their spiritual lives this same way, trying to earn an "A" by doing and saying all the right things.

    If that's you, there's something you need to know—you already have an "A" because Jesus took the test for you through His death and resurrection!

    In this message by Pete Briscoe from his series on Galatians, learn why you don't have to march to the beat of the "perfect" Christian life anymore... you can dance!

    Scripture:  Galatians

  3. 3. He Has Set Us Free

    Pete Briscoe

    There's a story told that Abe Lincoln purchased a slave and immediately told her she was free when they walked away. She began to question him: "Free to think what I want? Free to go where I want to go?" When he answered, "Yes," she replied, "Then I think I'll go with you."

    Do we really understand that we are completely, joyously free, through Christ? And if we do, why do we continue to act like we're not?

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