Making Him Known

Pete Briscoe

They are believers, but you would never know it. Sure, they live moral lives, but their coworkers and friends never know why they live that way. What stops even committed believers from telling others about their faith in Jesus? What stops you? 

If you’re afraid of sharing your faith or have done it clumsily in the past and hesitate to try again, Pete's series is for you. He looks at what God says about evangelism and then addresses common reasons that sharing our faith is intimidating. Be encouraged as he teaches: 

  • Why we should be excited to share our faith 
  • How to overcome the fear of witnessing to others 
  • Finding common ground with nonbelievers without falling into the ditch yourself

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Supernaturally Sent

    Pete Briscoe

    We've all felt the excitement of "new"—a new pair of shoes, a fancy phone, a flat-screen TV. But after awhile, the newness wears off. For some, the same can be said of his or her walk with Christ. Do you remember when you first accepted Christ? Maybe you felt so happy and full of Him that you thought you would burst at the seams if you didn't share this great new change in your life. What happened to that excitement? This message by Pete Briscoe challenges us to remember the purpose that God has for us here on earth.

    Scripture:  Genesis 45 , John 9

  2. 2. It's a Lifestyle Not an Ambush

    Pete Briscoe

    So often we find ourselves knowing what task we have to complete, but not knowing how we are going to complete it. Those of us who have a relationship with Jesus Christ know that the task God has put before us is to teach people about Him. But most people struggle to understand how to complete the task. In this message, Pete Briscoe breaks it down for us using the Apostle Paul's life as an example to help us learn to be disciples of Christ.

    Scripture:  Acts 8:26

  3. 3. Getting Past Being Terrified

    Pete Briscoe

    Kids are often scared of the dark. They picture monsters under their bed or shadows running across the room, and they become terrified. As adults, we may not be scared of the dark, but there are other things that frighten us. For many, one of those scary things is sharing the news of Jesus Christ with friends, coworkers, and family members. But, that's what God wants us to do—He wants us to tell people about Him. In this message, Pete Briscoe explains how to get past the fear.

    Scripture:  John 16:7

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