How the Story Ends

Pete Briscoe

God doesn’t tell us how our lives will end. But He does tell us how the world will end.

The prophet Daniel was shown powerful visions about what happens to the people of God at the end of time—a time when the antichrist will rise to power and wage war against the Church.  

It’s frightening to think about, but we don’t have to fear this future event. Yes, things will be bad for a time; however, we know how the story ends! But have you ever wondered why God would reveal such things to Daniel—and to us through Scripture? How does it all relate to what we see in the world today?

In this 6-message teaching series, Pete Briscoe walks us through Daniel’s visions and unravels the symbolism and meaning to help us prepare for this time to come. And more importantly, to remind us about the wonderful and ultimate victory we’ll one day witness with our own eyes!


Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Hanging in There

    Pete Briscoe

    As Christians, we have God's Word to tell us how the game of life ends. Yet, even though we cling to His truth, we can find ourselves preoccupied with the enemy's short-term victories and temporary advances in the world.

    In this message Pete Briscoe teaches from Daniel 7 to help us through the struggle of trying to understand God's eternal plan and how to persevere until He decides to end the game of life.

    Scripture:  Daniel 7:1 - 7:14

  2. 2. Enduring Persecution

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you wonder why persecution against Christians seems to be growing? Do you wonder if the antichrist might be in the world right now?

    In this message Pete Briscoe teaches from Daniel 7:15-28 where we get a glimpse of what eternity will be like and why God's promise that His people will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven should give us strength to endure persecution.

    Scripture:  Daniel 7:15 - 7:28

  3. 3. God Will Keep His Promise

    Pete Briscoe

    Have you ever been promised something that seemed too good to be true? As we struggle through trials we can lose sight of God’s future promise that someday believers will inherit the Kingdom of God.

    In this message Pete Briscoe helps us understand what we’ve been invited to when we say “yes” to Jesus. Being a child of God doesn’t guarantee us a ride on “easy street,” but we have reason to be encouraged that the tough ride will be well worth it in the end.

    Scripture:  Daniel 8

  4. 4. This Is Our Future

    Pete Briscoe

    There’s often debate about whether to read Scripture as literal or symbolic. In Daniel 11, we don’t have to debate because all that was predicted 367 years before it happened in the Middle East and northern Africa came true with amazing accuracy. But it doesn’t end there. The chapter continues to predict events that have yet to take place—horrific events against Christians that will usher in a terrible season of persecution. This is our future, and we can bank on it happening just as it’s described.

    In this message Pete Briscoe shares troubling news of events yet to happen but also shows us why we can put our fears aside—even when clouds of persecution overshadow Christians throughout the world.

    Scripture:  Daniel 11:1 - 11:35

  5. 5. What Happens at the End?

    Pete Briscoe

    Have you ever played the “Would you rather...” game? It’s where you’re given two less than appealing situations and pick which you’d rather experience. For example, would you rather walk over hot coals or stand on a fire ant mound for 10 minutes? Usually neither option sounds inviting.

    In Daniel 11 we learn about some ugly end of time details that ultimately describe genocide against Christians. In this message Pete Briscoe teaches about this extraordinary and terrifying future event and why you can be confident about the glorious outcome for believers who persevere.

    Scripture:  Daniel 11:36 - 12:4

  6. 6. The Darker It Gets the Brighter We Shine

    Pete Briscoe

    The frightening realization that the atrocities against believers depicted in Daniel’s visions are still to come begs the question of why Christians are allowed to endure this evil time.

    In this message Pete Briscoe teaches from the last chapter of Daniel where there we glean some understanding about why God allows the persecution and the eternally important role God has for us as He ushers in the end of these earthly days.

    Scripture:  Daniel 12:5 - 12:13

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