Hearing the Holy Spirit's Voice

Pete Briscoe

Is there a decision in your life that you're grappling with? Do you want to hear what God has to say about it?

We face thousands of decisions throughout our lives—some are only minor, but others may be life-altering. It's easy to get overwhelmed and wonder: Is God even interested? And if He is, how do you recognize His voice amidst the clatter and chaos of life?

In this series, Pete Briscoe gives practical guidance from Scripture on how you can discern God's voice, learn His will for your life, and live out the best life God has in store for you.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Knowing God's Will for My Life

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you ever hear people say, "God told me to do that," and think, Did He really "tell" you? You hear others claim they know God's will for their life, but how do you really know what God wants?

    We can look in Scripture and see, generally, what God wants for His followers, but what does He want for each of us individually? Maybe there's a decision you're grappling with now—who to marry, which college to attend, or a major career or lifestyle choice. In this message, Pete Briscoe gives clear guidance on how to hear the Holy Spirit and discover God's best life for you.

    Scripture:  Romans 12:1 - 12:2

  2. 2. Listening to the Voice Inside

    Pete Briscoe

    We all have little voices in our heads egging us on to do or don't do this or that. And if you're a Christian, you know one of them must be God's voice—but which one is it? How can you tell which voice is the Spirit's? It's easy to get a headache trying to figure it out!

    In this message, Pete Briscoe shows us how to discern whether you are hearing the sly, misleading voice of sin, or the leading voice of God. You'll learn to identify the life-giving, leading voice no matter how obvious or subtle the differences may be.

    Scripture:  Romans 7:8 - 7:25

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