Extraordinary Marriage

Pete Briscoe

God designed marriage to be an intensely intimate relationship between a husband and wife. Sadly, too many of us, instead, feel our marriages are more like battlegrounds or—equally bad—barren deserts. 

Often, we're missing out on a cherished marriage because we're focused on the wrong things—selfish and destructive things like fighting for control, keeping score, and hiding our true selves. How do we achieve the beautiful oneness that God intended for our marriages? 

In this series, Pete Briscoe teaches that there is a way to move our marriages beyond ordinary to extraordinary. But it requires transparency to our spouse—and the willingness to look beyond ourselves to the only source of true Life.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. Merging Two Kingdoms

    Pete Briscoe

    If you look behind the conflicts, arguments, and unresolved disputes in your marriage you'll likely find the root problem is that you and your spouse are fighting for control. The human quest for control is nothing new—it's been plaguing relationships since the beginning of time. And the tension that results from guarding your turf prevents your marriage from flourishing.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe talks about how our need for control is really just a symptom of something deeper. He discusses what it takes to erase the boundaries of our individual kingdoms in order to enjoy the oneness that God intended for our marriages.

    Scripture:  Matthew 18 , Matthew 20

  2. 2. Meet the Real Me

    Pete Briscoe

    Does your spouse know the true you? We all have a fake persona that we present to the world—and often to our spouse—in order to hide our shame, past hurts, and failures. It's difficult to become vulnerable, but the more we hide the harder it is to be known - and being known is where true intimacy lies.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe encourages you to introduce the "true you" to your spouse—the honest and vulnerable you that is truly worth knowing—and see how your relationship blossoms into a deeply meaningful marriage.

    Scripture:  Colossians 3 , Genesis 3

  3. 3. My Heavenly Father-in-Law

    Pete Briscoe

    God is desperately concerned with how His children are treated. He's concerned as our heavenly Father—and as our heavenly Father-in-law! Because our spouses are God's sons and daughters, when we marry, He also becomes our heavenly father-in-law! And He has a whole list in Colossians about how He expects His in-laws to treat His sons and daughters.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe explores how God views our marriages and how the way we treat our spouses impacts our relationship with Him.

    Scripture:  Colossians 3:1 - 3:17

  4. 4. Reinvigorate Your Marriage

    Pete Briscoe

    Here's a true statement: None of us are so enthralling that we can keep our spouses enchanted for multiple decades! We just can't do it. So if you're feeling a bit bored in your marriage, you might be wondering if there's even a way to make it fresh and exciting again.

    In this message, Pete Briscoe answers that question with a definite Yes! He shows you how to achieve a vibrant marriage by exploring four ideas from Genesis.

    Scripture:  Genesis 2:15 - 2:25

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