Confronting the Enemy

Pete Briscoe

You may have heard of spiritual warfare or even experienced it. The Bible tells us that there’s an unseen battle raging around us—one that’s in direct opposition to God’s people. Satan and his demons seek to destroy and steal life. We see the effects of his menacing and hateful work as he seeks to divide nations, the church, and our families and relationships.

What power do we have in fighting a battle with an unseen enemy of such great strength? The thought of this can be terrifying. What we see on TV and movies only feeds our fears and can leave us with a dangerously incomplete picture of the demonic world.

In this series, Confronting the Enemy, Pete gives us a biblically accurate glimpse into the unseen spiritual battle going on around us, and offers eye-opening truth about demons and angels—and the hope and authority we can find to face the enemy.

Messages From This Series:

  1. 1. The Unseen Battle

    Pete Briscoe

    Do you ever feel oppressed and confused? Have you ever wondered if those feelings were part of an unseen spiritual battle taking place around you—something you can’t visibly see but instinctively feel?

    In this message we get a behind the scenes peek at what spiritual warfare looks like from the perspective of the angel that appeared to Daniel. Pete Briscoe teaches from chapter 10 and shares an eye-opening truth that will increase your reliance on Jesus.

    Scripture:  Daniel 10

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